The Final Days

Kitty helping us as we work on our final write ups On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday we finished our write-ups, a final paper totaling 28 pages and a PowerPoint presentation. On last look at the Yantra House Then on Sunday we debriefed as a group on our experience and presented our projects to each other …

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The Patan Pani’s

For the final course of SIT's summer program, everyone completes a 15 day independent project somewhere in Kathmandu Valley or the surrounding mountains alone or with one partner. After five weeks of being together as a large group, with leaders arranging our transportation and food and housing, now we will do it all alone with …

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Engineering Geology from Pokhara to Kathmandu

Debris flow associated with an earthquake and dam outburst flood Sketching the site...Gabion walls under high pressureMapping scarps from afar For the final portion of our geohazards course, we will be focusing on engineering geology, specifically related to landslide hazard mitigation. There are two main projects we have to tackle, in the first we assess …

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