The Final Days

On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday we finished our write-ups, a final paper totaling 28 pages and a PowerPoint presentation.

Then on Sunday we debriefed as a group on our experience and presented our projects to each other and many invited special guests.

We celebrated with a cultural dinner and stayed up late savoring our time together.

Monday people began flying out a 5:00AM, myself and Kevin were the last to go at 10:00PM.

From mapping to stratigraphic columns, here are just a few of our assignments.

There is no way to describe what an amazing experience my time in Nepal has been. I have learned so much and experienced so much. I will forever be grateful for the friends and teachers who supported me while I was there and all the people and organizations back home who helped make this dream possible for me. As always, I hope I will again find my way back.



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